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Reader Reviews


I loved this book and look forward to the rest of this series! The book continues from The chaos of Foxes series. It is well written and the story and characters are well developed. I love the mix of new and old characters. The character dynamics are great and I really liked the individual personalities. The story was excellent. It was action packed and full of suspense, twists and turns, intrigue, emotion and romance. I’d highly recommend this book!!


Kenzie will bow to no one. She lives on spite and coffee. I love her. The foxes are amazing and hilarious. They are fun and yet sociopathic. It is the perfect match for Kenzie. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she wasn’t in insta love and that she made them work, but they also made her work. I love watching the beginnings of their relationships and look forward to reading what crazy things happen.


Princess of Draga (the first book of her new Draga Court series) is, quite simply, wonderful. This was one totally fun space fantasy romance novel and definitely recommended. It had just what I wanted and was well written and with a great plot and great cast of characters. Princess Adelina and exiled Prince Nash are a great couple and it’s a total pleasure following along as their story develops.


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