Complete Book List (header needed)

Council of Paranormal Series List

Standalone Novels

  1. Spotted Her First
  2. Vaudeville Runaway
  3. Christmas Magic

Blue Mountain Wolf Pack

  1. Alpha Wolf
  2. Broken Wolf
  3. Wolf Moon
  4. Wolf Curse

Chaos of Foxes

  1. For Fox Sake
  2. All Foxed Up
  3. What the Fox

University of Morgana

  1. Something Wicked
  2. Wicked Games
  3. No Rest for the Wicked
  4. Wicked Raven (novella)
  5. Wicked Blood
  6. As Wicked as they Come

It’s Bandit Territory

  1. A Bandit’s Prequel (novella)
  2.  To Catch A Bandit
  3. Make Out Like Bandits


Draga Court Series

  1. Princess of Draga
  2. Crown of Draga
  3. Jasmine of Draga
  4. Heir of Draga
  5. Queen of Draga
  6. Fate of Draga
  7. Winter Solstice in Draga (novella)


Lesbian Fairytail Retelling

  1. Snow White and Her Huntress