“We can only hide for so long, sister, before we either become nothing, or choose to rejoin the living.”

Mika Marshall is back at the University of Morgana. It is her first fall semester, her first Homecoming and Samhain on Morgana’s Island. So much is the same her first day and yet…so much is different.

She is no longer the girl who couldn’t do basic magic, but she’s losing control – she’s finding it difficult to rejoin the living after what she had to do to win the challenge. Claire refused to yield and Mika had to take her life to stay alive.

Now she has to figure out how to live again, as Matriarch of nothing. She has to find a way to free the Morrigan and find her place in the world. Mika can no longer ignore what she is, or what she can do.

She needs to embrace the chaos.