Alexander was bitten, not born and his entire human life went up in flames when he became a wolf shifter. But now he’s a part of the Blue Mountain Pack where he manages most of the pack’s business, including taking care of the Cirque de Nuit Pride while they’re in pack territory – a traveling circus with Sanctuary status granted by the Council of Paranormals. The job was supposed to be boring, but the last thing he was expecting was an acrobat witch to be his mate.

Lily is a green witch in the Cirque de Nuit Pride doing acro gymnastics with her brother, Cole. She loves performing and she loves the Cirque, but she has never felt at home on the road, constantly moving around. Lily is surprised when she’s drawn to the strange wolf watching over them, but the last thing she wants from him is a fling. Lily knows anything between them is over before it starts, unless there’s another way…they’ll both have to face their demons if they want this to work.

Wolf Curse is a crossover book which features the Cirque de Nuit Pride. It is a steamy M/F shifter romance that takes place in the Council of Paranormals world. In the timeline this book takes place before Vaudeville Runaway.