It’s already October again and it feels like this year has been a decade long. There’s not a whole lot to update on, I just figured I should post here and let everyone know I’m alive. I’m still publishing as much as I can given the situation and the fact that my son is at home now all the time. It’s been a huge adjustment change, but hey, we’re still alive.

I don’t really know what’s going to happen, but I’m working on finishing up the series I currently have out, and just kind of wrap up what I can. As someone living in the US with a Black partner and son – a partner who’s considered high risk thanks to asthma and just a general laundry list of mental health issues on my end, it’s been a struggle. I’m not going to be uplifting or hopeful. My end goal is just existing without too much self-sabotage, hence finishing the series I have.

Thanks to my weird-ass coping mechanisms I’ll be also releasing something different, but I don’t know when. I wrote it for me, so I’m not particular worried if anyone likes it. Just a heads up it’s not going to be in Kindle Unlimited.

Website has been updated and audiobooks are being released. Wicked Little Things just came out. I’m going to start on the next one soon and hopefully complete that series ASAP. Otherwise every day is pretty much the same. I hope you all are surviving, staying healthy and safe, wearing masks, and generally doing what you can without too much strain.

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