Stolen Magic is currently being released episodically.

As for life and all that, we’re doing good. Christmas and Yule were very small. We didn’t even really decorate, but we did have our little tree up and exchanged presents. It was actually kind of nice for me because I was never a fan of all the social obligations holidays always forced on me. It is kind of weird not being able to really measure time anymore thanks to not having those holidays to indicate time has passed (thanks ADHD). Every day feels the same but my task list changes so that helps.

It’s been a rough year though. I have a laundry list of mental illnesses and the coping mechanisms for a traumatic situation has been in effect for the last few months. Especially with ADHD and no current meds this means lots of hyper-fixation, but inability to focus on what I’m supposed to be working on. Inability to get myself to do more than the basic minimum in life such as dishes and laundry (severe executive dysfunction). So every few weeks I have to try and do damage control while keeping my son alive.

I don’t know why this is so difficult. It’s more annoying than anything because despite my brain trying to sabotage me, one of my coping mechanisms is to write (hyper-fixation and maladaptive daydreaming). This is good, but also bad.I wasn’t able to get that hyper-fixation directed toward my December releases despite having the time.

Every time I sat down to write any of the Xmas stories, or Selene I froze and had like a 200 word day. Any time I let myself write whatever I wanted it would instantly be a 4000-10,000 word day without even trying. And let me tell you, I’ve never had a 10,000 word day before this year. My writing prep also changed. I wasn’t able to follow a detailed outline, so I had vague plot points and pantsed most of what I wrote which meant more time spent editing.

What this means, is you get a surprise release that I wrote in Webtoons style. The full first season will be released on my website only. 

It’s long lol, and will be about 3 seasons long I think. I have no idea when I will finish the story, but hopefully next year sometime – it does take place in the Council of Paranormals world.

With how everything is going I just didn’t think it made sense to start both Selene and Jess. Also it doesn’t help that I had to finish Mika before starting Selene and that didn’t happen the way I expected it to. I’m currently working on whatever my brain is letting me work on, and right now The Wicked Will Rise. Hopefully I get to finish Mika.

My main goal for next year is to finish all current series which includes:

Mika – University of Morgana

Emily – This is Bandit Territory

Snow White and Her Huntress

The Blue Mountain Pack series

and hopefully, Jessica James, or get close to the end of Jessica.

As for Audio, As Wicked As They Come is being reviewed and then I’ll submit it to Amazon. Wicked Blood has just been released and is live for audio.

I’ll be setting up the project for Wicked Little Things soon. Melissa has agreed to do both the Wolves, and Emily’s series so we’ll get that started soon too.

We will see what happens. Having my son home 24/7 for another year is a daunting prospect, and my husband has been working from home since March which means my day is LONG AS SHIT because I have to keep my almost 5 year old preoccupied for 8-10 hours a day before finally switching over and working at 4/5p to 10p every night and then on weekends.

It’s the groundhog day sensation that gets to me more than anything and it makes it hard to do anything because every day is the same. I know we’re all struggling so I’m not looking for sympathies or anything like that, just trying to explain what’s going on and why I’ve been MIA. My brain just couldn’t manage social media, work, functioning, existing, and I’m still struggling with all this. I do feel a tiny bit of reprieve, or was starting to, and then California went into another lockdown which was harder than I expected it to be because we already don’t do anything, but I was seeing my tiny circle of 10 people regularly. I was checking in on my grandparents every Thursday with my son, and then on the weekend he would see his Aunt and cousins (we’ve had online learning all year so they don’t see anyone either) or his grandparents who are retired and don’t see anyone. We aren’t able to do that again until next week, which has been really hard for everyone.

This is really long winded, but I just wanted to be up front with everyone. Thankfully we’ve been all been isolated since Dec 6th so we’re seeing only close family again. I’m still writing, and yes some day it’s not what it’s supposed to be, but I just finished re-reading the University of Morgana series and I think I’ve got a beginning ready for the next Mika book. Fingers crossed this year goes as planned as much as possible.