I decided to take the summer off this year to try and handle as many personal things as possible. It’s been almost two years for most of my stuff so it was a project and a half getting to this point.

I had 12 separate appointments in the month of July, not including the 4 days my friend was here from out of town between the 11th-14th.I’ve organized my house to some degree, got the solar panels done, and the painting scheduled. My son and I have been building legos on Saturdays and my partner and I have been spending Sundays cleaning or setting up new light switches, that kind of thing. We also celebrated our 7 year marriage anniversary on the 18th. We didn’t do anything special but we did order out and had delicious food delivered. It’s been 15 years for us in total, with a few on and off bits, but we’re doing pretty good in my opinion. There’s no one I’d rather be locked in a house with XD Then, the most important of all, I reached out to my doctor regarding my ADHD and possibly trying medication for it. I will update you as that goes, since it’s kind of a ridiculous process. I’ve made an appointment with a therapist and all my medical doctors. I’ve got a lot of anxiety around melanoma since my friend died of that five years ago, and I’m really pale.

I managed to find all my Council of Paranormal notes, and I’ve been updating them as I read through Mika again. I finished Something Wicked, Wicked Games, No Rest for the Wicked, Wicked Blood, As Wicked as They Come, Wicked Little Things, and the Wicked Will Rise over the last week and a half. All the paperbacks are available, and I’ve ordered copies of everything in anticipation of the paperback orders to come. I’ve set up all the audiobook contracts for Blue Mountain Wolf Pack, and Wicked up to the current book.

Then I gave myself a reasonable schedule.It was really depressing to see just how slow I am if I’m kind to myself. Basically all that means is I work only 5 days a week instead of 7 and assigned myself a minimum of 2500 words each work day. This is more than Nanowrimo by the way. I should be happy with this, but I’m not. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand that life happens and a kid in kindergarten means germs all over again including all his days off, appointments, etc. I’m mostly caught up with life stuff, but as we all know it never ends.

I’ll share the schedule with you as I go, and try to be more open with what I’m working on. I tend to focus on preorders as much as possible, but sometimes weird things sneak through.

Looking Forward to August

I start writing Wicked Queen on Monday the 2nd, 2500 words/day, weekends off. So far I only have 4 appointments this month, but that’s not including the two days I’ll have my painter in my house, or the prep for Kindergarten. I have to bring immunizations forms etc on the 18th, get whatever he needs to start, and then his first day is August 30th.

My brother and sister are visiting from out of town August 22-30th so I have no plans to write during that time. We’ll be celebrating their birthday (they’re twins) and my son and nephew will be meeting for the first time. I haven’t seen them in four years! It’ll be my first time meeting my nephew as well. We’ll be doing Legoland, the beach, a BBQ at my house with family for a mini reunion, and a spa day on my sister’s bday. Then we have a board game day planned. My sister and her family will be staying at a hotel, but my brother will be staying at my house so it’ll be a crazy week.

My goal is to finish the first half of Wicked Queen by the end of the month despite all the craziness ❤