Chaos of Foxes


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The witch with the soul of a fox...

Kenzie is the only non-witch in her family. When her younger sister's powers end up stripped from her thanks to a nasty curse, Kenzie promises to find a way to get them back - after all she has a very specific set of skills after desperately trying to make up for not having any powers of her own.

When Kenzie finds something to restore her sister's powers, the only way to obtain it is to steal it from the Alpha of the West Coast Pride. Right as she's about to succeed three smexy foxes steal it right from under her nose.


Turns out, those a**holes are her mates.

All threeof them.

What should you do when you're outfoxed?

Well, she's going to try to make a deal with her cunning foxes to get that potion back before it’s too late. Kenzie know it’s foxed-up, but she kind of likes that she doesn’t know if they'll agree.

If you ask her, fated mates are a pain in the a**.

Includes For Fox Sake, an extra Finnick POV from Chapter 1, All Foxed Up, and What the Fox.


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