Feline Good


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Beware of people who dislike cats.

This is a collection of standalones featuring feline shifters in Emma Dean's Council of Paranormals universe. It is an excellent entry point to the world. It currently includes Spotted Her First, and Vaudeville Runaway in publication order.


Three hot leopard shifters? Yes please.

Piper is a librarian at Sacramento State working on her graduate thesis, but her quiet life turns upside down when three hot guys literally crash into her world. They move into her house and her life, telling her she's wanted by a demon and a witch for her pharaoh's blood. She just didn't realize how much they would take over her life in the name of protecting her.

Piper is overwhelmed by the paranormal world and everything in it, including the fact that somehow all three of these guys are her mates. She has two weeks to find a way out of a demon contract and figure out how she's going to deal with all three of these domineering shifters in her life and in her apartment. Will Piper be able to save herself and the pride she's grown attached to before it's too late?


Can Kitty learn how to tame lions?

Kitty is just a normal girl trying to find her way in the world, who also happens to be a stripper. Trouble likes to follow her wherever she goes and getting chased through a park in the dead of winter is no different.

Calvin, Damien, and Adam find her in the snow and they take her in - right to a traveling circus. They give her a safe place, and promise to help her get back on her feet, but not before she realizes the Circus of Night is far more than it appears.


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