Wicked University: Books 5-7


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The first witch challenge in over a century…

Mika has challenged Claire for the position of Matriarch Marshall and she will do whatever is necessary to make sure her sister doesn’t sell her to another clan in marriage.

She is no longer the girl who couldn’t do basic magic.

Yield, or die.

Mika still has to find a way to free the Morrigan and find her place in the world. It’s just not possible to ignore what she is any longer, or what she can do.

Being a blood witch…it might just be the only thing that can stop the Hellfire Society and the one ruling over it - the Angel of Death.

Death is coming - not just for her, but for everyone she loves and Mika will do whatever needs to be done to protect them.

Mika is going to have to embrace everything she is, because war is coming, and witches were warriors once.

This omnibus includes Wicked Blood, As Wicked As They Come, and Wicked Little Things.


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